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Digital Prints

Giclee archival prints of graphic art in a variety of media including

paint, colored pencil, photography, and collage.


The images are individually manipulated and reworked so that each

one is unique and printed on a gorgeous sheet of 22" X 28"Arches



The Toybox Project

A collection of dozens of hand-made sculpture/assemblages that are

part toy, part 3d collage, part social satire.


The boxes come in two sizes: the large ones are 9" X 11" and meant

to hang on a wall; the small ones are 4" X 6" and designed to sit on

a table.  Joseph Cornell meets the Fluxists.

YouTube Video Channel

Sixteen entertaining videos on a YouTube channel that have been

watched by over 9 million viewers!


Most of the videos are mighty silly visual gags with fruit, but there

is also a mystery series and a sweet short film about an emoticon

that falls in love.


A large collection of cartoons on a variety of themes. Many of them have

been published in magazines but they are all available here for free

download as gifts, cards, office memos, or to liven up even the dullest Powerpoint presentation.


A portfolio of caricatures of media, Hollywood, and political celebrities.

Many published in national magazines and websites including The

New York Times and Harper's.

Illustrations for a variety of books, publications, and websites in a

variety of different media including charcoal, watercolor, and ink.

Illustration Portfolio