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Master Criminals: A Game of Mystery

Mystery card game like the game of Clue only better.

Each player takes on the role of both Chief Inspector and Master Criminal,

trying to avoid detection while also pursuing the other players.

Published by BePuzzled.


A great family game.

Kyro: 5 Rules, Endless Strategy

A fascinating game of pure strategy like checkers and Go but with a

three-dimensional twist.

The pyramid-shaped pieces move across triangular cells by sliding,

or flipping to reveal colored sides with different rules of movement.


Easy to learn, very tricky to master.

A premium giveaway designed for an early tech company back when

Carter was President (he had been a peanut farmer) and the Hot Rock

(a parody of action toys) was hot.

Instructions explain how the peanut had been programmed to fall at

32 feet per second, float in water, follow an arc in flight, etc. which

was all just part of the spoof.


The Bionic Peanut

Magic Color Disks

Designed for the American Toy Company, the black-and-white disks in the box can be placed on the spinner to create amazing color effects when twirled.

The toy demonstrates the Bentham's Disk illusion of color created from black and white but is also just fun to play with.


Dungeon Escape, Snake Pit, Roller Chase

Three board and dice games invented for Creative Child Games.

Easy rules and lots of action make these great to play with kids,

especially on the road because they are compact and portable.

Pingo Pongo, Travel Games, Domino Twister, Monster, Story Game

A series of games designed for car and travel because they are small

packs made of only 36 cards.  Simple rules makes these great for

keeping the kids entertained on trips.

Originally created for and published by Creative Child Games.

An unusual game in the form of a spiral bound book that mixes a

mystery story with a word puzzle.  The solution to the mystery can

be found in the answers to the accompanying crossword, word search,

acrostic, or word puzzle.

Published by BePuzzled and great for fans of both mysteries and word


Inspector Cross: Crossword Capers & Mystery Word Teasers

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body

An elaborate interactive adventure on CD-ROM from Microsoft

designed for use on PCs and based on the popular television series.

Follow the journey of the kids on the bus through the human body

and play interactive games to understand how it all works.

The heart, for example, becomes a pinball game that teaches about

valves and blood circulation.

Checkeroos! and BingOH!

Two card games using an oversize deck that makes them fun and easy

to use with younger kids.  All three are simple strategy games with

easy to understand rules and dramatic wins.  Published by Creative

Child Games for kids or adults.


Games on the Go!

Two card games designed specifically for long car rides that let the

kids exercise their powers of observation.  Both use an oversize deck

that makes them easy to use with younger kids.

Kids have to look out the window and find matching letters or signs

in a game of highway bingo.


Coolsville: A Journey Through Jazz

Ultra-hip game on CD-ROM for kids to learn about jazz music and

instruments from Music Pen.

Coolsville is filled with musical spaces and hipster characters that

instruct and perform and give players a chance to learn about jazz

and play along with the music.


The Return of Osiris: Interactive 3D Film Noir Movie

A complex, maze-like 3D interactive adventure on CD-ROM.

Follow the clues to find the stolen statue of Osiris in the fictional

desert town of Zakara with its mysterious and highly suspicious


The game is a combination of film noir thriller and treasure hunt

and includes interactive dialogues with characters that you meet

along the way.

Chit Chat: Conversation Starter

What is the smallest amount of money you could get in a lump sum

that would make you feel rich?  Where would you go in a time machine,

knowing you could not change history?  This is a deck of 100 conversation

starters, perfect for parties and gatherings to get the chatter going.

Not bad as drink coasters either.

Oroboros: A Game of Fates

Unusual combination of mystical journey and logical

challenge in a board game that requires strategic

thinking on a quest to find one's inner self.  The game

is played on an endless track, which tells you something

about the tone of it.

Treasure Hunt at the South Street Seaport

A fun interactive adventure for visitors to the South Street

Seaport, a historical site and museum in New York City.

This treasure hunt guided visitors to key locations in the

seaport and introduced them to the rich history of the area.

Three samples of a series of snap-apart puzzles designed for an agency doing promotional work for McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Roy Rogers, and other fast food chains.

These puzzles were giveaways that the kids could play with...instead of playing with their food.

Three Promotional Puzzles