Illustrated Fiction

A collection of tales about the journey from Vilna to

Brooklyn - based on photos from a family album.

It begins with a box of old photos, a collection handed down through the generations from the mythical town of Letz in Eastern Europe to the streets of Brooklyn and then Manhattan with its promise of the eternal now.

A family saga that is part memory, part dreamscape.

The word mazel means luck in Yiddish and these are the stories of the luck - both good and bad - of one family as told through photos of ancestors never known, distant cousins never met.

Vivid ghosts live again in these images and tales that are true whether they

happened or not.

Illustrated short story about an unusual visit to the Red

Planet which may only exist in our dreams.

An eccentric tale of a journey to Mars in the form of an illustrated diary.

It is a free-wheeling adventure that may only occur in the narrator’s imagination as he struggles with conflicts about his own life and loves

back on Earth.

An award-winning fictional memoir about growing up in

Brooklyn and surviving high school.


Winner of a CAPS/NEA Writing Award in 1984


A fictional memoir, with illustrations by the author, about high school

and the struggle to become a man in Brooklyn in the 1960s through the

sounds of Rock and Roll, the strains of losing a father, and the struggle

 to have sex for the very first time.


Sensual pleasure is the subject of their encounter, the focus of

their desires.  But is sex alone a good enough reason to fall in


They met quite by accident at a cooking class but quickly discovered

their mutual interest in pleasure. Through a simple agreement they

begin to extend their studies from cuisine to sex, creating recipes

for mutual desire and discovering more than they bargained for along

the way.

This book is an ode to hedonism but be warned....it is explicit in the

most provocative sense of the word.