Interactive Books

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Interactive books for a variety of publishers that turn ordinary pages into games, puzzles, models, and other feats of clever paper design.

"...too absorbing to be classified as education..."

The Sunday Republican

Clever paper engineering allows you to cut and construct and turn the

pages of this book into a scale model of a brontosaurus that is over

three feet long!

Color it yourself for an accurate model or turn it into a designer dino.

Great for parties.

Featured in The New York Daily News, The New York Times,

and dozens of other newspapers.

Indulge your fingers not your mouth as you color your way to weight

loss.  That's the idea behind this amusing and highly unscientific book

filled with sumptuous images of desserts for you to color instead of


Coloring just one sundae loses more calories than actually eating one!

A kind of anti-coloring book that relies on imagination not filling-in.

The forty cartoons in the book are incomplete and need you to

finish them. Just get out those markers or crayons and get your

creative juices flowing by teaming up with a cartoonist to create

hilarious images.

Great for kids and fat kid in all adults.

Featured in Mademoiselle magazine.

A classic cookbook with delicious dishes from 175 authentic Grandmas!

The book brings memorable home cooking right into your home and

includes kitchen hints from those same Grandmas and serving tips to

make each dish just right.

The entire book is hand-lettered as though from Grandma's own

private file and filled with charming illustrations that add a unique

and intimate flavor to this timeless collection.

An amazing combination of puzzle and cut-and-construct book.

By following the simple instructions inside, you can cut up the pages

of the book and construct six classic 3D puzzles from the turn of the


Half the fun is assembling these origami-like creations...and the other

half is the challenge of solving the puzzles.

Puzzicle are simple graphic puzzles, like doodles with a college degree.

They challenge your logic and insight...and sense of humor too.

Three volumes have been published, each one with 100 number, word,

logic, mystery, and picture challenges.

A strange and funny venture into the mind of Sigmund Freud, this pop-up

book is a diary of some of the good doctor's more peculiar dreams.

Originally created as a premium giftbook for a psychiatric association

convention, it proved that even shrinks have a sense of humor. Maybe.


A delightful interactive book for kids.

This is a connect-the-dots adventure with only 5 dots to connect!

The images created will take them on a journey through three-

dimensional space with Simon, a curious rhino.



A ridiculous satire of self-help books with exercises and illustrations

for helping readers to overcome that bane of wellness...the fear of

one's self, also known as Egophobia.

The book will probably not improve your life in any way but it is

guaranteed to make you laugh, and that's something.

A collection of graphic symbols that poke fun at modern life and the

visual communications we use to make sense of it.

You can actually cut the signs out of the book and post them in your

home, office, or on the street.

Warning Signs will not make anything clearer but they will at least

get your snarky attitude about things out there in public.

An amusing diversion for parents to use with their kids.

Simple scissor cuts on each page allow you to animate the animals

with your fingers and bring them to life.

If this does not make a four-year old giggle, nothing will.


A spoof of our celebrity and wealth-obsessed culture in the form of

an adult funbook.  Color your own gold bars, find your chauffeur, cut

and construct your own McMansion, and many other exercises will

not help you get rich at all.

But since the book is only available as a free download now, it won't

bust your wallet either.

A cut-out doll book satirizing President Reagan as both an actor on

screen and on the world stage.  Complete with figure and costumes from

his various roles in the movies and the White House.

Sold well to Republicans when first published, who had more of sense of humor then.  No proof exists that Reagan himself thought it was funny,

but who knows?

Sure it's dated now, but a memento of a time when Hollywood and

Washington mixed it up.

A toy in the form of a book. Heavy cardboard pages at the front can

be folded into a viewer with a sheet of mylar attached to create the

Mirrorscope.  Pencil games, puzzles,and patterns are placed at the

bottom of the viewer.  The challenge is to solve the puzzles or play

the games only by seeing their mirror reflection.

Very tricky to master but fun to try.

Fun and games with classic works of art.  The hip retakes in this

art history spoof can all be removed from the book and posted

for inspiration or sent to your postmodernist friends.

An interactive book that is both fun and informative.

Your former teacher, Doctor Celestius, has designed seven

challenging mazes and gotten lost in them himself.

Can you figure out the solution to each of the mazes and

find your missing mentor?

The book takes you on a journey through the world of

alchemy as you work through the story to solve the puzzles.


Cut and construct a full size model of a ceremonial buffalo

skull.  Beautiful model resembles a real skull and is much less

expensive to own, although it does take some scissors and glue.

Loads of cut and construct fun with Dr. Freud including dreams to

color, mind mazes to solve, pop-ups, puzzles and much more.Cut and construct a full size model of a ceremonial buffaloskull.  Beautiful model resembles a real skull and is much lessexpensive to own, although it does take some scissors and glue.


Scores of visual puzzles relying on logic, intuition, and careful looking.

Most of these puzzles were first published in Games magazine over

many years as a contributing game designer.

A 3D model of the brain, for amateur neurologists and anyone

fascinated by the structure and functioning of our most mysterious

organ.  The model comes apart to reveal inner structures, all labeled

with their names and functions.  Non-working model, of course.

A great cut and construct book for adults who aspire for greater


With a little hope and gumption - and scissors and glue - the pages

of this book can be turned into a 3-foot long model of the Silver

Ghost, the most famous Rolls-Royce of all time.

Impress your friends, if not with wealth, then perseverance.

Fun and games with technology!  This book is chocked full of

challenges and projects relating to the web, digital tools, robots,

and more.

Sure it's a spoof but who says you can't have fun while making fun of?

This accordion-fold book opens up into a 30-foot long

model of the universe.  Each panel includes a scientific

photo of one segment of the cosmos from images of

the tiniest subatomic particles all the way up to the

deepest regions of space....and everything in between.

A funbook of a very different kind...for adults NOT for kids.

Included are tons of ways to spice up your love life with secret

maneuvers and romantic moves that will help you and your

partner create more intimate and pleasurable encounters.