Interactive Design

Interactive Funbooks



A series of interactive books for a variety of publishers, that turn ordinary pages into games, puzzles, models, and other feats of clever paper design.

A coloring book for dieters, cut-out graphic symbols for the modern

world, a brontosaurus made of paper, a pop-up diary of Sigmund Freud, and other marvels of paper engineering are on display in this section.



Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

A series of 23 mystery jigsaw puzzles with over a million fans worldwide!

Part game, part puzzle, part the short story that comes with

each puzzle to get the mystery.  Then assemble the jigsaw puzzle to see

the clues.  Piece it all together and try to solve the mystery.

The solution is in mirror-writing at the end of the story.

Great family fun for all!



A large collection of games designed for a variety of publishers and for

children of all ages.

Included are mystery games, card and board games, and computer

and adventure games, including some best-sellers.

Interactive Greeting Cards

35 years of interactive, handmade holiday cards created for friends,

clients, and family. Pop-ups, pop-outs, animations, flip books - you

name it - every form of paper engineering can be seen in this

long-term exploration of paper toys and pure holiday fun.