Interactive Mystery

Match wits with Professor Nano, master of the obvious

clue, in the world’s shortest mystery puzzles.

A collection of short, funny mystery puzzles, each only a single page,

for which the solutions rely on insight and humor rather than logic.

Can you outsmart Professor Nano, an artificial intelligence programmed

to see the obvious?

With illustrations by the author.

Fun for smart adults and smart-alecky kids.

An interactive version of the novel based on the true

story of the greatest crime of the 17th century.

An amazing interactive novel based on the exploits of the notorious thief,

Colonel Thomas Blood and the very real crime he planned.

You are the detective trying to track him down in this Participatory Novel

that lets you choose between different decisions and story lines. Each

reading can be a completely different experience!

The details and characters of London in 1671 come to life as you follow

the trail of clues and try to solve the crime.

A pair of mysteries with a unique structure that allows you

to solve a murder by calling and interviewing the suspects.


“Ingenious mystery...engagingly written...one of the best puzzle books

of the year.”  Games Magazine


“Interesting and innovative...a unique thriller...”   LA Daily News


In each book, a murder has been committed and it is up to you to find out

whodunnit.  In A Call for Murder you have been snowed in to a small town;

in Murder in a Locked Box you are stuck at a magic convention.  But in each

case you have access to a phone and a phonebook and that is your means

of finding the answer.

Ten calls can solve the mystery...but can you make the right ones?


Interactive novel for Young Adults. A Choose-Your-Own

pathway story filled with puzzles and riddles and adventure.

Somewhere hidden in the dense jungles of Central America is an ancient

idol in the shape of a jaguar.  A mysterious organization has recruited you

to find it. Riddles, puzzles, mazes, and codes challenge your every step

through this interactive adventure book.

Only sharp wits, scissors, and a pencil stand between you and the secret

of the Gold Jaguar!

23 separate titles in this popular puzzle series, each one

includes a short mystery story and a jigsaw puzzle solution.


A best-selling mystery/game series with millions of readers!

Part game, part puzzle, part mystery...read the short story that comes

with each puzzle to get the mystery.  Then assemble the jigsaw puzzle

to see the clues.  Piece it all together and try to solve the mystery.

The solution is in mirror-writing at the end of the story.

Great family fun for all!

A collection of interactive mysteries in which YOU solve the crime.

Thirty photos show the aftermath of a series of fictional crimes.

Can you explore each photo carefully enough to find the clues to

solve the mystery in each case?

Logic, intuition, and attention to details will help you along the way.