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The Nine BIG Secrets of Creativity


An overview of some basic habits that can enhance the creative

process for designers and artists.






An amusing but informative look at basic creative strategies that innovators

use to keep pushing the envelope.





More Than Meets the Eye

The story of photography and how the images created by this technology came to be trusted as truth, then challenged as illusion.





The Image Transplosion

Examples of the way in which images have not only changed the world but

actually altered human consciousness.







Visuality: How Pictures Mean

An overview of the field of Visuality; how we "read" images and why

being effective at this matters so much.





The Dire Image

An investigative look at the means by which images can be used to create

powerful propaganda focusing on the swastika in Nazi Germany.





Images that Shook the World

A look at some of the images throughout history that have had radical

and profound influences on the course of human history.






How We Look

An entertaining but instructive introduction to Visual Studies and our

complex relationship with images and their reality.







The Design Center

An overview of the award-winning student work in exhibitions, products,

and publications for the Design Center at Kean University.





The Design Studio: 35 years of Service Learning

Creating a hand-on learning environment for students that reinforces

notions of community, service, and non-profit innovation.






An outline of methods and resources to help writers use the web for

publication and promotion.







How to Be A Global Media Star

A tongue-in-cheek outline of the steps needed to achieve media

stardom along with practical tips on building a personal brand.






The Shape of Language

Written language as visual communication and a journey into the

history turning sound into script.








How pictures trick us into seeing and optical illusions that reveal how

the brain processes vision.

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