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Romance, technology, and mystery all served with a dash of humor as a series of couples find strength in their differences in a future just around the corner.


Manipulating world data becomes both a promise and

a threat in this paranoid satire about the near future.

A mysterious organization known as nexxus monitors global information, searching for profitable anomalies in big data. But when they uncover clues to a secret cult with a bizarre mission, it is time to call in the experts.

Adam Shapiro is a semiotician and Marissa Blumenau is a technobiologist

who have no idea that they have been carefully selected to solve this

mystery before a special kind of hell breaks loose.


A mysterious puzzle box holds the key to getting away

with murder in a world of total surveillance.

The year is 2040 and vidcams and smart buildings track our every move.  Constant monitoring is the price we pay for being connected. But can you

get away with murder in such a world?

That is the problem facing Aldo Weeks, a simple data manager, when he stumbles into a midnight tryst with an exotic redhead. When a jealous

lover barges in, Aldo makes a quick decision that changes his life and introduces him to a strange puzzle box that might just hold the key to

how complexity rules the universe.

"Entertaining tale of Coney Island as told through its true history

along with an eerie venture into modern mythology."  Big Apple Reviews

Someone close to Mama Nostromento has been murdered. But a neurovirus

has locked the truth about it in the tangle of her mind.

Enterman, an expert in intuition and a reluctant investigator, is called in to

find the answer and Rita St. John, a very 2030 bodyguard, is willing to help.

But can the magic of the near future - instant information at the touch of a

finger - be used to solve this mystery?

The answer lies in Coney Island, in a world hidden from outsiders where mythic forces and dark rituals may overpower even the latest technology.

Financial fable about a scam to shift the unfair fortunes of

the world, and a woman who is seduced by hope and cash.

Jacqueline Horner has an ordinary life, dull but dreaming of better things, when she meets Djinn, a computer hacker on a mission. It was no accident; she fit his profile perfectly. His proposition: she can live like the richest woman in the world but there are restrictions.  Rules to be followed and a time limit.

It all seems like a great lark until she meets Baron Szekesfehervar, with his own designs on her non-existent fortune, and Gil Westin who has to choose between their budding love affair and his own conscience.

Passions of all kinds – for art, for love, for money - guide the actions of a group of people who come in contact with a famous painting and an infamous heist.

Mo Kline has an unusual visual memory; she can feel and perfectly recall colors.  When she meets Dash Wells, an art photographer, their mutual attraction is undeniable.  But so is the appeal of a good mystery.  Like the truth behind a lost portrait of a girl by the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Their investigation takes them from New York to Boston, to Buenos Aires,

and then to Florida as they track down the story of the portrait, which

may have started with a sensational art heist thirty years earlier.

Romance, political intrigue, and farce all blossom in this novel about a painting that has altered the lives of all those who have possessed it.


A mysterious manuscript by an unnamed author found in an attic offers advice about life and love in a chaotic world.

The author of this memoir relies on an odd mix of philosophy, nonsense, random readings, self-help pablum, and some cathartic ranting to try to make sense of his life and the world around him.



A radio play mystery series, coming soon to Youtube.

Myron and Myrna Diamond are a married couple who have just opened a jazz bar called Sax and the City.  Various patrons, including the cagey Detective Shiner, get them reluctantly involved in mysteries that involve twists, puzzles, and the occasional murder.



An art forgery screenplay that tests the limits of value and hype.

Plunged into the high stakes world of the art market, two people try to navigate the maze of fakery, money, and greed while also grappling with their own growing romance.




Two novels, a script, and an award-winning story collection all explore distant worlds, possible futures, and even our own unforgettable past.


Wonderfully whimsical and playful short stories.”  Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson


WriteOn! Best Creative Fiction Award 2008


Reader Views Best New Science Fiction Award 2008


Featured on Amazon Shorts, 2009

A family on the last starship finds that stories may save a collapsing universe.

An anthroid on trial for murder may be the victim of a faulty linguistic

circuit.  In a future ghetto, surprise is the only final possibility.  A mathematician has a world-changing insight that continually slips his mind.

These are a few of the tales of mystery and irony that make up this award-

winning collection.

Time travel mystery based on the true story of Colonel

Thomas Blood and the greatest crime of the 17th century.

Scoundrels and earls, merchants and midwives – and notables like William

Penn, Isaac Newton. and Thomas Hobbes– all make appearances in this

tale of London in the year 1671. So does the notorious swindler Colonel

Thomas Blood, who is masterminding a daring crime.

Into this mix, D. is suddenly thrust, having slipped through a rip in time.

But can this very 21st century woman stop the crime in time and find her

way back home 350 years into the future?

This time travel mystery is based on the true story of the greatest crime of

the 17th century!

Is there even such a thing as a faux-noir, sci-fi mystery?

There is now.

Max Trouble is a hard-boiled detective in a very futuristic world in which cyborgs, bots, anthroids, gynoids, cybrids, and all manner of post-human beings live out their lives. That includes, of course, trying to get away

with murder…just like us. This is a pilot script for a proposed TV series

that is more of a what-dunnit than a simple case of who. Trouble's cocktail

of choice is a strong shot of cynicism with a touch of yearning, which

does not help him at all.



A sci-fi fantasy adventure for young adults who like puzzles,

technology, and beating adults at their own game.

Monroe Plamm and two other kids have been yanked by Cypheriad, a

future version of the Cloud that has achieved consciousness. Trying to

understand its human creators, the system has devised a dreamscape

based on Monroe's fantasies about the American West, which are based

only on a collection of pulp novels left to him by his grandfather.

It is all absurd and riddled with mistakes but there is one little catch... Cypheriad will not release the kids from the dream until they solve a

series of puzzles that it thinks will explain why humans are so damn