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Professor at Kean University in New Jersey for 27 years, first in the Department of Fine Arts, then helping to establish the Department of Design, and finally the Robert Busch School of Design.


Created and taught courses in cartooning, imaging, visual studies, and critical perspectives in design.


Named the Janet Estabrook Rogers Professor of Visual and Performing Arts in 2006 and served as coordinator of the Graphic Design program from 2012

to 2014.


Created the Design Center at Kean University in 1998, a collaboratory for students and faculty to expand the role of design education into the wider community.


Innovative work with students led to numerous awards and articles in The Newark Star-Ledger, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times, and local media.


National recognition for the TalkChart, a communications device for patients in hospitals, developed with students that won the Sappi International Designs That Matter competition, currently in use in thousands of hospitals.


Created the course Understanding Images in 2001 at Kean University to educate students about the powerful role of images in the world.


The course has become a popular General Education elective and the free

online textbook for it has become a public resource for education about

images and visual communications.

A frequent presenter and keynote speaker at conferences, educational forums, and museums and a consultant on the topics of graphic design, design
education, visuality, imaging, technology, and creativity.


Recipient of numerous awards and grants that have sponsored these